The fully qualified team of expert technicians at A1 Automotive & Marine offer a full-range of mechanical repairs, service and maintenance for all makes, models and year.

Some of the automotive services we provide at A1 Automotive & Marine include:

  • General service
  • Logbook service
  • All mechanical repairs
  • Fuel system diagnosis, service and repair including carburettors, sonic fuel injector cleaning
  • E-check safety inspection
  • Wheel alignment, suspension and steering

Our performance services include:

  • Dynapack™ chassis dyno tuning and performance analysis
  • Engine conversions
  • TB fuel injection conversions
  • High-performance fuel system tuning
  • Custom performance engine rebuilds and crate engines
  • Turbocharging
  • Supercharging

At A1 Automotive & Marine, we focus on the process as well as the end result. Our trusted and experienced team start out by listening to what you want to achieve and advise you how best to go about it. This would normally include a run on the dyno to get a baseline and see where you’re at (if the motor’s running and in the car).

Then – backed by years of experience (and results) building some of the toughest engines for street and competition around – we spec the parts you’ll need, gather them up from the best brands and most reputable suppliers, precision machine and assemble everything, and tune it all up to the final, smile-widening result.

Every project and every customer is different, so the A1 Automotive & Marine difference isn’t about taking off-the-shelf parts, bolt-on solutions or the advice of your mates (even though they’re your mates and probably mean best).

Our in-house facilities include a precision engine assembly room, surface machining and a Dynapack™ chassis dynamometer. We sublet precision machine work, balancing, specialist headwork and engine dyno work to partners whose reputation matches ours.

At A1 Automotive & Marine, we love a big-cube V8 but we’ve also built many strong-running 6’s and turned the heat up a few notches on quite a few hot 4’s.

Our team will give you straight answers to straight questions (though not always the answers you might expect) from what we know works and not just from a manual.

To find out more about getting the very best performance out of your engine, call the friendly team at A1 Automotive & Marine today!