Over 85 Years

Combined experience in the Automotive Repair Industry

What we do at A1 Automotive & Marine

A1 Automotive & Marine has been servicing Miranda and the surrounding suburbs since its establishment in 1989. With over 85 years of collective experience, our qualified and experienced team conduct repairs, service and maintenance for all vehicles and boats.

In our well equipped workshop, our expert automotive and marine technicians provide: general servicing, logbook servicing, all mechanical repairs, wheel alignments, suspension and steering; as well as fuel system diagnosis, service and repair including carburettors, sonic fuel injector cleaning, E-check safety inspections, and all marine mechanical repairs (performance & leisure craft).

Using only quality parts, we specialise in fuel injection conversions, turbocharging and supercharging as well as precision machining and tuning.

For your automotive and marine needs, contact the trusted team at A1 Automotive & Marine today.

About Wayne

Wayne was born with horsepower in his heart, petrol in his veins and it’s even legend that his mother cut his baby formula with high-performance engine oil.

It’s also rumoured that that the legs of Wayne’s childhood bed were made from old forged-steel crankshafts and that he still sleeps with a small block Chevy con rod under his pillow.

Whether true or not, what is true is that Wayne and his shop, A1 Automotive & Marine have been synonymous with performance tuning and engineering for over 20 years. His own “Smokin’ Heads” ski-race boats, powered by small block Chevys, were top class in major events across Australia (Wayne still holds an open 6.0L class speed record from almost 10 years ago).

Starting out as a mechanic with QANTAS, Wayne’s true loves were the small block Chevy V8, ski-race boats and flat-out speed. He spent his off-duty time (days and nights) in his combined garage/home-shop/bedroom, crafting the art of extracting engine performance and applying it successfully to his own race boats and street machines. Wayne didn’t chase the latest fads, one-size-fits-all or “bolt-on performance” trends. What he chased was the deepest modifications, parts combinations, settings and tune-up for each specific situation.

This attracted the attention of other racers so with demand for his brand of performance technique increasing, Wayne took his passion and started A1 Automotive & Marine.

After occupying several service station workshops and with business booming, he settled into his current Miranda-based workshop some 15 years ago.

Head to A1 Automotive & Marine for all your auto and marine needs.